Our Mission: To make high quality, comfortable and affordable gymwear for the everyday athlete who aspires to become the best version of themselves, day in, day out.

Our origin story isn’t too complicated – Aesthetique is run by Emma and Warren King in South Australia. We wanted to wear great gear while we trained, but none of the big gymwear brands fit the bill – they were all too expensive, inferior quality, or weren’t promoted a body image and attitude we weren’t comfortable with… so we started making our own!

We’re proudly SA born and bred and our mission is to produce functional, high-quality and affordable clothing that you will want to wear in the gym.

Oh, and before we forget…

Aesthetique is a strictly no douchebag zone.

We just want you to be able to look good and dress comfortably at your gym or box – we’ll never make gear that lets the entire world see your nipples while you bench press.

We’re for the REAL people who love to train around likeminded, hard working everyday people – you’re the real MVPs.

We look forward to the challenge of becoming a recognised name in gymwear in the SA industry (and beyond).