We are looking for brand ambassadors who are very active in their gym/box/sport/community and those that are excited to represent the Aesthetique brand and mentality on a consistent basis.

This means wearing Aesthetique apparel and accessories throughout the week, talking up the brand at your gym/box, spreading the word within any gym/box social media groups, and posting/sharing when Aesthetique launches new products and info. This program is open to anyone located in Australia, with special preference given to South Australians (our brand is local, so we love supporting local athletes).

To be an Aesthetique Ambassador you are required to purchase the Ambassador Package, which includes 2 shirts/tanks, a cap and discount flyers to share with friends/family. You will also be given a unique discount code to share via social media. The Ambassador pack costs $75 ($90 in retail value).

This shows your commitment to being a brand ambassador while at the same gets you started with some Aesthetique swag. After your application has been approved and you have purchased your Ambassador Pack, you will receive a special Ambassador Discount Code to get 20% off everything on the site.

Being an Aesthetique Ambassador has some extra perks to keep you keen, including:

  • The Ambassador Pack for just $75 with a retail value of $90
  • 20% Discount Code for Aesthetique.com.au
  • Exclusive news and updates
  • Be the first to see upcoming products and give your feedback
  • We’ll share your posts and content via social media as an official Aesthetique Brand Ambassador to help grow your social presence
  • From time to time, we’ll create exclusive designs just for Ambassadors to purchase!
  • Help contribute to upcoming concepts, designs and products
  • Special discount code to share with friends and family
  • First access to any and all clearance sales and offers

To apply, please complete the ambassador application form below.